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Successful Social Media Presence: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has a very strong social media presence, they have accounts on just about every website and App you can think of. Coca-Colas presence is definitely most prominent on Facebook where they have an astounding 94 million followers. Coca-Cola posts on Facebook about once or twice a week; these are mainly advertisements as well as promoting their other social media accounts. They make a point to interact with their followers and make their brand seem personal. Their second biggest presence would be on twitter where they have just over 3 million followers. They post pretty similar thing on their twitter as they do on their Facebook. They also follow quite a few people on twitter just over 66 thousand. They don’t have quite as much presence on Instagram they a little under a million followers and they follow about 700 people. Their doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern to who they follow on their social media, it seems to be random and not consistent to celebrities or anything like that. Coca-Cola also uses Snapchat, Vine and many other apps. Their content consists of a lot of photos that usually are in one way or another an advertisement. Every thing on their social media seems positive and there is really no negative comments or hatred on it. Coca-Cola has a very strong social media presence and seems to have it down to a very strong strategy. The company also has separate accounts for different brands like diet coke which is a great strategy to engaging even more customers and followers. They have a great overall presence and a very professional presence while also being engaged with their followers and commenting back. The only thing I would really suggest changing is whom they follow. It kind of seems too random and the accounts they follow tend to look like spam accounts. Below are a few examples of their social media posts and presence.

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