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APR Accredited In Public Relations Practice

1. In issues management, what is the most proactive approach to addressing negative or misleading information posted online about your organization?

- Make policy changes to address complaints highlighted on these sites.

2. Why should a successful public relations counselor continually review present and future realities for an organization?

- to interpret trends for management

3. Which two factors have the strongest influence on the public relations department's standing with the organization's dominant coalition?

- the training and experience of its most senior public relations practitioner

- the public relations department's ability to demonstrate business and financial literacy

4. Which statement is true about an open systems model of public relations in an organization?

- It adapts to changing organizational environments.

5. You are the community relations director for a public water utility that has been targeted by a group of activists opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water. The activists are waging an intense internet campaign against the practice. Your utility has overwhelming evidence of the health benefits to fluoridated water. The manager of the utility asks you to initiate a blog to get the health message out.

What is the most appropriate course of action?

- Write the blog yourself, identifying yourself as an employee of the utility, and quote the scientific opinions of a variety of sources.

6. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, your company wants to publish a coffee-table book of photos depicting the company's history. You dig through the files and old annual reports and find many photos, some of which have never been published. Some of the unpublished photos are dated and stamped on the back with the name of a photography studio that has been out of business for 20 years.

When you consult with your publisher about the most effective way to reproduce these particular prints, the publisher says they cannot reprint them without the original photographer's permission. You are unable to find the original contract between the company and the photographer.

Can you reprint the photos without the original photographer's permission?

- No, the photographer or heirs own the copyright and must grant permission to reproduce the unpublished photographs.

7. According to "working theory," what is the step that occurs between an individual gaining information and changing behavior?

- opinion change

8. Which type of measurement is the most effective choice for evaluating a campaign's impact on audience attitudes?

- conducting a pre and post analysis of constituents' opinions

9. Which statement is true about focus group research?

-The findings generate qualitative data that can be used to develop surveys.

10. Which term describes stakeholders who are unaware of their connection to an organization with respect to a particular issue?

- Latent publics

11. Which outcome, from the evaluation phase of public relations planning, documents the impact a program had on its stakeholders?

- the number who change attitudes and opinions

12. Your client has asked you to develop a public relations campaign to promote a college tuition savings program using new technologies. What is the most appropriate first step?

- Conduct a situation analysis to gain a better understanding of the issue.

13. When developing a survey, which two techniques can be most effective at decreasing the possibility of courtesy bias in responses?

- Make the questionnaire responses confidential.

-Employ an outside research firm to conduct the survey.

14. What is the primary reason that you, as a public relations manager, should insist on prioritizing and scheduling activities?

- to help the department stay focused on its strategic plan

15. As the single-person public relations staff of a public transit agency, you are tasked with increasing the number of people who ride your buses each month. Your target audiences are lower-income individuals, college students, people with basic educations and people for whom English is a Second Language.

- Consider how riding the bus could similarly affect all of the target audiences.

16. What should public relations staff reasonably expect from line management?

-availability for public appearances

- support for an approved communication plan with measurable goals and objectives

- basic understanding and support of two-way communication for internal and external audiences

17. In a crisis situation, what are three essential responsibilities for a spokesperson?

- respond to media calls promptly

- stay "on message" with pre-approved material

- maintain credibility with timely, accurate information

18. Which functions do online discussion groups serve?

- to obtain qualitative feedback

- to educate users and share information

19. You are director of communications for a local non-profit chapter organization that is an affiliate of a large national non-profit organization. You are frequently asked to secure media coverage using news releases provided by national headquarters located in another state.

Which action would most improve your chances of success with these materials?

- Localize the news releases for audiences in your geography.

20. You are the vice president of public relations for a corporation that produces a well-known brand of food products. In the Albany, New York, market, one of your products has recently been found to have some contamination. While apparently not fatal, it has given a large number of consumers severe stomach cramps and other intestinal problems. The cause has been traced back to your product, which is sold throughout the nation. Your CEO wants to know what you would advise to keep the situation from becoming a public relations disaster.

What should you recommend?


Stop all sales of the product throughout the nation and issue a recall for that product.

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