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BIPOC crew members are a MUST. Providing a solution is the PRIORITY.

With a broad spectrum of projects ranging from music videos, commercials, narrative films, documentaries and more, Everything Is Plural is a Black owned full video & media production company uniquely positioned to collaborate with clients ranging from independent music labels to multinational corporations.

What sets us apart is how diverse our crew is. With the lack of diversity on film sets, we take pride in how diverse we are. We provide opportunity for young POC filmmakers to learn and gain experience on our sets and provide them the experience they need to do well in the future. 

We are focused on connecting brands with the content and influencers that care the most about, by focusing on video and produced digital content. The customer is our number one priority, and we strive to build a lasting personal connection with each and every client. The projects we love to take on our story-telling driven. We're here not to provide a service but to provide a solution.

Production offices set in Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX.

Meet The Team

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Obi Okezie

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Sy'Kia Bates

Sy'Kia Bates

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Director | Photographer

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